Hi guys! Today I will be sharing another beauty tip that will benefit your overall mental and physical health.

Do you know that specific exercises that are meant to target the abdominal area can help you burn belly fat? I personally like sit-ups and crunches.

— ♣ —

 Here are photos of some good exercises that I do.

1. Longarm Crunches


2. Reverse Crunches


3. Bicycle Crunches


4. Knee Crunches



Pros: Builds abdominal muscles and burns belly fat naturally.

Cons: Beginners can experience abdominal cramps after exercise.

— ♦ —
So, combining diet with these exercises will guarantee you a flat belly. Remember it takes time, discipline and dedication.
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Photo Credit: Cover photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash
Illustrations by Keifit  on Pixabay
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So combining good diet and exercise you can have that fat belly you have always desired.



Written by Iriowen

Hi I'm Iriowen. I'm a mom and lover of mother nature who will expose you to beauty secrets and better ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, all of which I learned growing up and as an adult.

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