Howdy folks! How is your week? You see, I always wonder why we don’t know about some amazing beauty products for everyday use (I don’t either), and that’s why the beauty blogging community exists.

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Last week I decided to replace my Evolve: dual bristle brush for the second time because I keep giving it away. I found it on Amazon and to my surprise it had only 5 reviews.

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How come no one knows about this awesome brush? It is so soft, smoothens hair, massages scalp without damaging your strand, cheap, easy to clean, versatile and durable.

Evolve Dual Sided Paddle/Boar Brush on Amazon / $4.89

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Evolve bristle brush is so underrated. It remains the best brush I have owned. I recommend this brush for all hair textures and styles.

Keep Slaying!

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Photo Credit: Cover photo by holiho on Pixabay
Disclaimer: This is an unpaid review. All information gathered about the reviewed product was derived from personal experience after using a sample(s) of this product.