Hi guys! It’s been rainy all day today, instead of being moody I got inspired to talk about how to achieve hydration for overall health and radiant beauty.

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A couple years ago I learned about Water therapy, a  practice that involves drinking about half a gallon of water every morning before breakfast. It is known to help people stay hydrated considering an adult human body consists of 60% water.

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It is unhealthy to be dehydrated because it reduces the overall percentage of water in the body and this can lead to cell malfunction. Recent studies show that people who drink more water gain less weight and have a lesser risk of having diabetes, high blood pressure, and joint inflammation.


Pros: Weight loss, hydration, flushes the colon and improves skin complexion.
Cons: Frequent urination, loss of electrolytes.
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Note: I advise that when practicing Water therapy you should add slices of a fruit or vegetable like lemon and cucumber to improve flavor.

Caution: Talk to your doctor to know if it is right for you.

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Photo Credit: Cover photo by Sharon Pittaway and Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash
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