Hi, Natural Beauty Enthusiasts and Fashionistas! October is indeed the month of new beginnings. Hello, Libras! I also want to use this opportunity to say “Happy Independence Day to Nigerians at home and in diaspora!”

 —  ♣ —

You are welcome to my site! I am so glad because you chose the path of healthy living and wellness.  This is officially my first blog post. Yay!  I was ‘peer’ pressured into starting a blog by my best friend who is a beauty blogger. She would always say to me “ Gal! it’s about time you stop talking and start sharing.’’ Then I decided to ‘share’ my passion, knowledge, skills, and interests with you, please don’t hesitate to also share with me your views and experiences relating to my posts.

 —  ♥ —

 I do not wish to overwhelm you with so much talk, but a couple of days ago my husband and I went out to dinner, he commented on my new-found clear skin (I used to have bad acne on my face and chest). I joyfully told him how a friend recommended SheaMoisture: Olive & Green Tea Shea Butter Soap and how it miraculously cleared all my acne. As we discussed further on the subject, I said to myself “why don’t you share your experience on using this product, so people who have acne can give it a trial?” and that’s how this blog was born.

—  ♠ —

P.s. Read ACNE – FREE AT LAST and find out how SheaMoisture: Olive & Green Tea Shea Butter Soap cleared my acne.

— ♦ —

Thanks for reading and making my first blogging experience a success, please remember to leave your comments below. ❤️



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