Recently,  I took down my braids and noticed my hair was thinning out because of a prolonged protective hairstyle.  So I decided to dig up my ‘beauty journal’ and get me the ‘hack’ I used in the past to volumize my hair.

And here it is!

— ♦ —

Some years ago, my hair stylist introduced me to the Castor Oil Scalp Massage Regimen. Believe me, I used to think Castor oil was only used as a laxative, little did I know it will increase my natural hair density.

dark hair


— ♣ —

I have used two brands of Castor oil, Bell‘s B: finest cold drawn castor oil and Tropical Isle Living: Jamaican black castor oil. After experimenting, the former gave me better results. Unfortunately, Bell’s B Castor oil is more expensive and have to come across in US stores. So, I resolved to use Tropical Isle Jamaican Black Castor oil instead.

Here are my thoughts on Tropical Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 9.37.23 PM


Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil

🌟Star rating: ★★★★

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 9.38.16 PM

Bell,s B: finest cold drawn castor oil

 Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil got my four-star rating because it is not as active as Bell,s B castor oil. It took longer for me to see any results.
— ♠ —
Pros: Cools and calms scalp during a message.  Moisturizes dry hair and scalp.  Good for all hair types. It contains Organic and plant-based ingredients (vegan). A bottle can last up to 6 months with daily application.
Product of 🇺🇸USA

Cons: It has a funny minty smell 👎🏼 (Every lady deserves to have their hair whiff a sweet and romantic scent).

— ♦ —

I recommend castor oil for scalp massage and hair treatment because it adds volume and strengthens hair shaft without harsh chemicals.

Now you can achieve that luscious hair you’ve dreamt of without breaking the bank.

— ♠ —
Thanks for reading. Please remember to leave your comments in the comment section below and tell me your experiences with castor oil.

Be safe! One love!

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Photo Credit: Cover photo by Ralph Evans on Unsplash
Disclaimer: This is an unpaid review. All information gathered about the reviewed product was derived from personal experience after using a sample(s) of this product.

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  1. I was told that this product reduces breakage of the hair. Hence, I tried it. Instead, it made my hair denser as Iriowen has said in this blog, but it could not prevent my hair from breaking often.


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