Do you know that specific exercises that are meant to target the abdominal area can help you burn belly fat? I personally like sit-ups and crunches.

— ♣ —

 Here are photos of some good exercises that I do.

1. Longarm Crunches


2. Reverse Crunches


3. Bicycle Crunches


4. Knee Crunches



Pros: Builds abdominal muscles and burns belly fat naturally.

Cons: Beginners can experience abdominal cramps after exercise.

— ♦ —
So, combining diet with these exercises will guarantee you a flat belly. Remember it takes time, discipline and dedication.
— ♠ —
Photo Credit: Cover photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash
Illustrations by Keifit  on Pixabay
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So combining good diet and exercise you can have that fat belly you have always desired.



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