TRUMP DARES OPRAH TO RUN IN 2020 – Will she change her mind in the end like he did in 2016

Donald Trump, president of The United States of America in a recent controversial tweet dares Oprah Winfrey founder and CEO of OWN to run in the 2020 presidential elections. He said “…..Hope Oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others!”. Apparently, Trump loves a challenge and he believes Oprah is a worthy opponent. Like all bullies, he is strategically antagonizing her either to intimidate or motivate her, but Oprah will not fight back.

Oprah has denied any interest in running for president, saying in a recent interview with Instyle magazine that she does not have the DNA for it. Some Americans thought Oprah would run but after reading those words it’s merely wishful thinking. Perhaps all hope isn’t lost, remember Trump refused to run in 2012 but had a change of heart due to popular demand and ran against Clinton in 2016. Well, now he is the president.

Will Oprah run in 2020? I guess not!


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    • Oh yes! Oprah put forth an extraordinary performance in The Color Purple.
      Really! You would love Michelle Obama to run for President.
      Why do you think she would make a good president?


      • Oh dear, now I have to think. She was a great inspiration, I think she would be a phenomenal motivator, she has compassion (or at least it appears that way from a couple of thousand miles away here in UK) great public speaker and honest. She’s proved she has perseverance, lawyer, writer, community driven. Finally she’s a woman and I would hope she would inspire women around the world to achieve. Oops soap box, sorry but you asked 😀


      • Bravo! I bet she doesn’t realize people admire her greatly. I hope she will be interested in running for the presidential seat someday unlike Oprah.
        Thanks for your positive and enlightening contribution. 😊

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