7 Tips To Help You Achieve A Clearer And Radiant Complexion

Every woman desires a radiant complexion, but several factors like sun damage, pregnancy, and hyperpigmentation resulting from skin blemishes (acne/eczema) cause unevenness in skin tone. Then we are left with no choice but to resort to using makeup concealers and foundation to cover up. There is hope!

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Do you wish you go out bare face without any makeup? If yes, then I’ve got some natural remedies to help bring back your original or desired complexion.


1. Cranberry, nutmeg, and honey mask

A full body mask made from finely blended fresh cranberries, nutmeg powder, and honey is super brightening, moisturizing and exfoliating. Not to forget it is packed with antioxidants that aids in eliminating free radicals to reveal a younger and evenly toned radiant skin.


2. Green tea, lemon, oatmeal, olive oil and honey scrub

I call this my Signature Scrub because I customized this recipe to soothe my dry sensitive skin. This mask is made from a combination of honey, matcha green tea, lemon, ground oatmeal, olive oil, and sugar/salt. Lemon and honey are known to gradually lighten skin, while the antioxidants in green tea renews the skin. Oatmeal is both soothing and non-comedogenic. Olive oil moisturizes the skin leaving you with a clearer complexion over time.


3. Add Lemon juice, honey, olive oil, and milk to your shower gel

It is totally fine to mix organic and natural substances like lemon juice and honey with your shower gel. It helps reduce the basicity of your shower gel. Remember your skin has an acid mantle with pH of about 5 which protects your skin against infections, so the more acidic your soap gets the better.



4. Wear a good sunscreen

Avoid prolonged sun exposure and use a sunscreen with a very high SPF if you have no choice. SPF 50 and above is recommended for more than 60 minutes continuous sun exposure like an outdoor concert or beach vacation.


5. Consume more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamins that are essential for skin cell rejuvenation.  I recommend adding smoothies to your breakfast menu to maintain a healthy glowing skin.

6. Hydration 

Water is an essential part of our system, so drinking the adequate amount of water facilitates skin elasticity and renewal. I recommend drinking water in form of a beverage like tea or lemonade for persons who find it tasteless.

7. Exercise

According to research people who regularly exercise have clearer and toned skin than those who do not. It’s time to get a gym membership or look for that dusty fitness tape and work your way to a more radiant and beautiful skin.

















Photo Credits

Nutmeg photo by Scym

Honey photo by Stevepb

Oatmeal photo by congerdesign

Sunscreen photo by David Lezcano

Exercise photo by  bruce mars

Exercise photo by  bruce mars


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  1. Such a cute soft skin you got lovely! I must admit I usually feel very lazy to try them out but obviously, that’s not doing right to my skin. Guess I’ll have to start out with some, especially that they are home-made and easily available. Take for example honey mask. And again, hydration is so important and wearing sunscreen. Sunburns tear me out when i’m not in sunscreen lol!


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