GOOD POSTURE: The Secret Of Confident and Sexy People

Have you ever wondered why many ladies consider guys with droopy round shoulders unattractive? Or why guys find ladies with a straight back unappealing. The answer is bad posture. If you notice, people with good posture ooze confidence and sex appeal. Besides, we can’t help being attracted to people who are confident and sexy, that’s why many celebrities generally have good poise and carriage.

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It is no news that celebrities pay fitness trainers and lifestyles coaches to teach them how to carry themselves with dignity and confidence. I am sorry if I sound like someone out of a Victorian-era movie, but the fact remains that good posture is a skill that we must learn like we did in old times. In high school, I took a mandatory class in my freshman year* called Etiquette (I know it sounds uppity). Our instructor taught us how to conduct ourselves in public, maintain a good posture, table manners and general rules of conduct. She made us believe that if we carry ourselves well in public we will look smart and intelligent. That class changed my life and made me a better person.

*I schooled in Benin city, Nigeria

For those who wish to correct their posture, you can get an excellent poise by doing one of the following. Remember practice makes perfect.

1. Workout

You might have noticed that men and women who workout usually have good posture because most exercises require proper body alignment to reduce the risk of getting an injury.


Credit: Cristian Baron


2. Yoga

The balancing, posing and breathing techniques in yoga make it an excellent posture corrector.


Credit: Matthew Kane


3. Mannequin pose practice

This involves learning how to stand, walk and sit the proper way.


Pretend you are standing like a soldier at ease. Shoulders square, chin up, chest slightly out, belly sucked in, lower back arched, hips pushed back, legs straight, calves straight, and feet aligned at a 50-degree angle.


I always tell people to walk like they got a gold mine in their backyard. Confidence is sexy! Chin up, shoulders square, belly sucked in, lower back arched, chest slightly out, medium strides and keep eye contact and nod with an inward smile to people about 1- 2 yards away.


Sit with dignity! Legs slightly apart or crossed, belly sucked in, shoulders square, chin up, chest slightly out and lower back arched.

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness instructor or expert, information used for the above post was derived from my personal experience and positive outcomes of people I know.

Cover photo by Rene Böhmer

Photos credit: Unsplash


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