STUDENTS – Tips To Help You Retain Information After Studying

If you want to be great; don’t think little

If you want to soar; don’t think low

If you want to succeed; don’t be lazy

Just know

Hard work pays!

— Juliet E. Urevbu

The crucial part of studying is being able to recall what you’ve read. Most students find this challenging, so they end up reading their study materials over and over again to maximize retention. There is an assumption that some students have a naturally occurring higher memory capacity than others, I do not believe that. In fact, these smart student actually practice a lot. Studying is like playing tennis, basketball or singing, without proper rehearsals or practice you cannot do well in a competition. Name one successful artist or athlete who didn’t put in extra effort into practicing. I bet you won’t find such a person.

— ♥ —


So without further ado, here are some study tips many A students swear by.

1. Eat

It’s difficult to recall what you have studied when you practice on an empty stomach. I recommend eating lightly before studying so your brain cells can get an adequate supply of glucose to fuel you through study time. According to recent studies, people who have low blood sugar (due to hunger) have problems assimilating what they had read.



2. Sleep and rest

Our brain cells need rest to function normally. Sleep deprivation lowers your ability to comprehend a study material. Next time when you have a test, try to avoid staying up all night to practice and get a reasonable amount of rest before going to your testing center.



3. Randomly recall what you read

My father taught me this amazing study trick and it works all the time. You do this by trying to recall passages in the text you studied at any time of the day, no matter where you are. For instance, you can think about what you read earlier in the day while doing laundry or having a bath. Reflecting on your study material helps engage long-term memory.




4. Flashcards/Quizlet

Practicing with flashcards or using an online study practice site like Quizlet facilitates comprehension. Study and practice should go hand in hand, it is the best way to retain what you’ve read. Remember practice makes perfect!





Reference: Havard Medical School


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    • Yes, explaining to people helps you recall and better comprehend what you’ve read. Way to go Lily Pierce! See another A student just stopped by to add a contribution. Thanks.


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