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Thank you note

Thanksgiving they say is the key to more blessings. So I am using this opportunity to thank my followers, readers and the entire blogging community for their show of love, support, and encouragement. Beautylogéa will be nowhere without you guys. Thank you.

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My blogging history

I started blogging in October of 2017, as a newbie I didn’t have the right tools, motivation, and guidance to carry on so I went on a 3-month break. Then by mid – February I got a jolt to resume blogging, this was a result of embracing the blogging community. Reading your posts daily is inspiring, enlightening and entertaining. You guys are the fuel in my rocket.


My advice to new bloggers

Join the blogging community and participate actively.

No man is an Island…..

– John Doone


Thanks for reading! Leave your contributions and suggestions in the comment section below.


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  1. I have been blogging since February 2013 and had just a handful of subscribers (mostly e-mail except for a few) … some one new started following my blog around Thanksgiving of 2017 and all of a sudden I’ve taken a great leap and it is a whole different blogging experience and so exhilarating to be writing and sharing ideas, comments and likes, with other bloggers. Glad someone gave you a poke and you started back. Thanks for following my site and the nice comment you left on my post about Parker. He’s that little bit of sunshine we all need to get through the sometimes difficult world we live in. – Linda

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    • Linda you’re so gracious! 🌹

      (Blogging experience) True! The minute you see blogging as a community everything changes, love starts pouring in, you start learning exponentially. The blessings never end. Thanks for reading! I really appreciate.💖😊

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      • I know what you mean because, like I said, the same thing happened to me … for 4 1/2 years I wrote and had a handful of followers and only two commenters. For the longest time, maybe 2 years, I only had one person who commented, my friend who encouraged me to start writing a blog. I got a few more followers (by e-mail subscription) but they commented very rarely so I felt like I was writing for the pure enjoyment of writing. My earlier blog posts had no pictures, one paragraph or two … it has morphed into longer posts and more pictures through the years … I think the walking and writing are the two best things I have ever done for myself.


      • Oh yes! I agree with you, blogging makes me twice as confident.
        I think you should know also that initially I had a niche, so I blogged about natural beauty and skin care products. Then during the time I was away I realized that limiting myself to beauty post was a bad idea. Finally, in mid February I decided to branch out and incorporate every single thing I enjoy doing. This change was inspired by the bLogging community. And here I’m happy and so glad I did. 😊

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      • That was a good idea – I started out just talking about walking, then realized here in Michigan that would not work all year-round. I started writing about some things like memories about past Christmases or holidays and started doing a post every Tuesay called “Tuesday Musings” which is like what you did, gives me a chance to write about othr things, and not just walking.


      • That’s good! Memories never end, so you will always have something interesting and peculiar to write about every time. 🌺

        I write every day by selecting a topic from my monthly drafts. Writing daily would have look like a lot of work to me last year. Now it’s nothing. 😊

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      • You sound enthusiastic and that’s a good thing – I am surprised I wrote this much in the last few months, since we have had a rough Winter. But then I wrote this year about our blizzard and took some pictures as well. I am like you in that I have a Word document filled with ideas that I have when I come home from walks, and can’t always get the posts done the same day but they are evergreen and will “keep” for later, but most of my writing in the good weather months, happens the same day. I have got to finish my post I started earlier today – I did the post, but have to get the photos together. I love making memory posts because it brings the memory closer to the front of my mind.


      • Funny you said that, I ended up adding two more before I just now saw your comment – great minds think alike! The reason I hesitated was the swan pictures looked so similar, but if you look close, they are not and that swan – such a beautiful creature. Two weeks ago today, I was admiring these two swans paddling away in the water. The one was bigger (guess it was the male) and it was making these snorting sounds. I figured it was just as it dipped its head in the water. Then all of a sudden it came to the side of the Creek where I was taking pictures and climbed up the bank. It had huge feet and came after me. I always have peanuts for the squirrels and gave it some – stopped it in its tracks – whew! This was the post from two weeks ago


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