Why Winter Is Essential To Our Ecosystem

Do you know that winter does more to the environment than bring snow and cold rain? I believe Winter is a totally underrated because of the harshness of its wind chills and low temperatures. Now that winter is gradually coming to an end and spring is around the corner, I want to share with you its positive benefits in hopes that you’ll savor its remaining days.*

* I am not an ice princess


— ♦ —


  •  Cleansing

Winter helps clean the air by diluting pollutants. That’s why the air in winter feels lighter than it does on those hot muggy summer days. Thanks to Winter we breathe cleaner air in Spring.




  • Eradicates disease vectors

Bugs like mosquitoes cannot thrive in cold climes which goes to show why we have few to no incidences of Malaria in temperate regions. I grew up in the tropics, so I know what a menace mosquitoes can be. I am grateful for Winter.



Thanks for reading. Please leave your comments and contributions about how Winter has been beneficial to you.


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