7 Lessons I Learned from the Kardashian Clan Despite Being Against Their Lifestyle Choices

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.


A wise man once told me that people with prejudice often miss out on life-changing lessons because they hastily dismiss the views and the way of life of others. The Kardashian’s are a family who has gained notoriety and fame for their lifestyle choices.

Some people like them, others simply don’t because of the adult content path their most popular member Kim took to fame.

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We all know there is a stigma attached to adult content participation, that’s why I admire that the Kardashians were able to rise above the shame and instead made use of the bad publicity to build a brand for themselves. So here are the lessons I learned from the Kardashian clan and their rise to fame.

1. Family First

The mantra all for one and one for all is used literally every day in the Kardashian household. If you notice, they stick up for each other in public even if their member did something wrong. They never talk bad of their sisters or take the side of strangers. If you keep up with the Kardashian gossip, you would remember when Kendall have to renounce Taylor Swift’s Squad because of the Kanye ‘Famous’ drama.

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2. Lifting Up Each Other

Following Kim’s fame, every one of the Kardashian clan became popular because she used her position to elevate her family. This is a show of genuine love. I have heard stories about people who are left to suffer in want and ignorance by their privileged siblings, even though their siblings have the power and information to make their lives better. They would rather have their less privileged siblings serve them and wallow away. Well, now you know why I admire the fact that the Kardashians include each other in their success.



3. Standing Up to Bullies

Time and time again the Kardashians have stood up to social media bullying, either to snap back at people or to defend their clan. Their decision to fight back is a smart one. For instance, Khloe recently stood up to fans that criticized her for exercising during pregnancy. That was a smart move to nip bullying in the bud.

4. Apprenticeship (It’s ok to be a wannabe)

No matter what anyone says, Kim Kardashian learned the rudiments of the game called fame. Hanging out with Paris Hilton before setting out on her own journey to become a sensational household name, is a form of apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is an important part of learning where students can grasp the tricks of a business or trade from a successful master. Business owners who were once apprentices are unlikely to fail.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 12.39.28 AM

5. No Drug Rule

Kris Jenner is one of the most outstanding momangers in Hollywood. Her no drug policy is admirable. We all know what drug abuse can do to young people and adults, not to mention celebrities. So thumbs up to the Kardashian clan for standing up against drug use.

6. Family meeting

According to recent research, persons with family support have better social skills and are a lot more confident. No wonder the Kardashian’s are unstoppable. In their reality Tv showKeeping Up with the Kardashians’, we see how they hold casual meetings. So, imagine what their off-camera meetings look like. I see them setting up business strategies, gossiping and combining ideas to help improve the life of each member of their family.

7. Girl Power

The Kardashians are a bold and vivacious sisterhood believe it or not. Like the Braxton sisters, they collectively use their girl power to conquer odds and build themselves. Some conspiracy theorists say they are a witch coven with a curse that ruins their men. I don’t know how true that is, but there is one thing I know for sure, and that is the Kardashians are feminists. Naturally, feminists have the tendency to intimidate and emasculate men without confidence.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 12.31.42 AM.png



Thanks for reading. Please leave your views and responses in the comment section and don’t forget to come back for more inspiring lifestyle posts. ❤️



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  1. I agree with this blog wholeheartedly, and would also like to add that they also taught the general public that all body types are OK! Since they’ve been on television, I noticed women being less critical of each other if they are not a size 0.


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