Excessive Underarm Sweat Problem: Embarrassing tales and solutions

I have always had trouble controlling my never-ending underarm sweats since puberty. Seriously, when I sweat it runs down my arms and drips on the floor and that happens all year round even in the coldest of Winter. Due to my excessive under-arm sweats, I had to use both spray and stick antiperspirants at the same time, yet it didn’t hold up for very long. Then I decided to clean with wipes and reapply a deodorant every 1 to 2 hours. Problem is, whenever I fail to refresh I start to smell weird because all of the deodorant’s active ingredients have been washed away by my sweat.

It became very embarrassing when I started working as a front desk clerk. The job didn’t afford me time to always refresh my antiperspirant, so I smelled at times. It got to a point I began to worry people talked about it behind my back. One day, a nice colleague stopped me after I returned from one of my frequent restroom trips. She asked me what antiperspirant I was using and suggested I use a clinical grade deodorant called Mitchum. She is a good friend. I love you Angie!

Mitchum antiperspirant didn’t hold up for more than 3 hours like the others, even worse it left a bronzy stain on the underarms of my clothes. Frustrated, I went the route of using performance grade deodorants for men, that didn’t work either. So I researched and realized I had hyperhidrosis, a natural condition that causes people to sweat in some part of their bodies profusely. Some celebrities like Wendy Williams used BOTOX to temporarily fix their hyperhidrosis, while others permanently eliminate their sweat glands through a non-invasive procedure like miraDry.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 6.38.23 AM

Wendy Williams


Right now, I am using an underarm garment liner I found at Walmart to hold up my sweaty arms before I can afford a better alternative like miraDry.  

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave your reactions and suggestion in the comment section.



Reference : WebMD

Photo Credit:David Hofmann on Unsplash



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    • I’m glad you agree with me on the fact that antiperspirants don’t help much with hyperhidrosis. It’s a shame miraDry procedure is too expensive. Thanks for your contribution.❤️👌🏽


  1. Girl, I used to have this issue horribly growing up! My mama had me trying quite a few different clinically deodorants and none of them helped. As I got older it eventually slowed down and then just stopped. I don’t know what the deal was with that but it sucked big time!


  2. I don’t think I have hyperhidrosis…but I do sweat a lot, in my opinion. Ever since I’ve attempted to switch to organic deodorants I have been acutely aware and self conscious where body odour is concerned. If I come across any effective brand/remedy, I’ll send you the info. tfs


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