IT’s ALL IN THE DETAILS: How to Identify a Genuine COACH Purse

Recently, I’ve been thinking about selling my old COACH purse online and it occurred to me to do a review. So I want to share how I learned to tell a fake Coach purse from the real deal! I hope this post will benefit people who want to authenticate their coach purses, avoid buying fakes or are simply looking for awesome deals online. (Well, you can skip my ramblings and go to to see their newest handbag/purse collections and maybe find a good deal).

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So here is my Coach brown leather purse, It is a 2005 design (old, but I love it!). I am looking to sell it after I know what it is worth. Who knows? I could get some decent bucks off it!



Version 2


COACH has a unique style of design or details they follow when making their purses. Knowing these patterns they use in crafting their elegant purses can help you identify a fake or genuine Coach purse. You can always refer to my photos whenever you have doubts if your purse is fake or real.

#1 Certificate of Authenticity

This is a stamped statement from COACH showing the place of manufacture, material used and serial number of a purse. It is always embossed unto a square genuine leather patch and affixed to the purse lining by stitching all sides of the patch. Fake coach purses have an illegible certificate of authenticity on low-quality leather with imperfect stitching.


#2 Sturdy Leather or Fabric

In my experience, COACH prefers to use high-quality fabric and real hide to carefully handcraft their purses. They do not compromise their quality that’s why I love their purses. Coach purses have extra sturdy straps, Fake purses do not have this attribute because they always use machines and sub-par materials.

Version 2




#3 Stitches

Judging from these pictures, their stitching is straight and consistent throughout the purse. COACH also employs a distinct single repeated hand stitching to seal the ends of their regular stitches, in order to prevent them from unraveling. They also use this stitching method to secure and align small parts of their purses (like the zipper flap shown in the picture below). This is as opposed to knock-off coach purses stitchings which are usually machine stitched with low-quality thread.




#4  Logo & Tags

You will find the COACH name embossed on some parts of their purses. Usually, they affix a metallic logo pin to the front of their purses. COACH tags are my absolute favorite detail because they ooze style and class. These embossed tags are attached to the purse’s strap ring with a ball link chain.

Version 2



#5 Zipper: YKK

COACH purses have metallic teeth YKK zippers on the outside, while the lining has nylon coil YKK zippers. The YKK letters are always on both sides of the zipper head. Their handstitched zipper pulls are attached to the zipper head by a wide round ring (see photo). Why are YKK zippers special? YKK zippers are reliable and of a higher quality than regular zippers.



Thanks for reading. Please leave your comments and suggestion in the comment section about COACH purses. ❤️ 💋

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