How to be Ambitious Without Becoming Unhappy

The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.

— Maya Angelou

Nowadays the idea of achieving grandiose goals has led to a rapid decline in the state of happiness all over the world. This explains why highly competitive societies have seen a gradual increase in the rate of depression in recent years. Ambition is a necessary tool to achieve success, yet if used the wrong way it can destroy a person and those close to them.

— ♦ —

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or shrink but as an ambitious person I have employed some social skills to balance my mental health.

Here they are:

#1 Avoid unhealthy competition

IMG_0026Competitions are meant to bring out the best in people, but these days many competitions have lost their essence leaving participants depressed and unhappy. Even if some of these competitions offer outrageous incentives, it is best to only partake in decent and uplifting ones. Interpersonal rivalry is equally disastrous because parties strive to out-do one another. Personally, I try to avoid them at all cost.


#2 Celebrate people

IMG_0027Complimenting and applauding people for a job well done shows a great deal of confidence. It also helps eliminate any malice, envy, and contempt you previously felt towards the people you are celebrating. It could be in the form of nominating them for awards, liking and commenting on their post on social media or sending them a congratulatory message for their milestone achievements. All of these can improve your level of happiness in a magical way.


#3 Charity and humanitarian gestures

IMG_0028.JPGAssisting and providing for those in need has a weird way of making you feel good. I perceive that this effect proves that humans are indeed social animals, we thrive, survive and function by interacting and sharing with others. Charity should not be limited to donating to non-governmental organizations, we should assist the less privileged in our families and communities too. Remember, charity begins at home.


#4 Avoid depressive envy

IMG_0024Envy is a natural sentiment, but letting it keep you up at night is insane. It’s easy to feel embittered by someone else’s good luck if your ambition is unfulfilled. Envy can be rechanneled to motivation, which provides an opportunity to improve yourself and fulfill your ambitions. So I advise that you exhaust your potential, talents and skills on entrepreneurial ventures to boost your self-esteem.


#5 Travel

IMG_0023People who travel and explore other cultures tend to have little to no prejudice. It’s no news that prejudice can rob a person of some joys in their lifetime, but do you know intolerance can lead to depression. An ambitious person can become depressed when someone they consider inferior excel and they didn’t.


Thanks for reading. Please leave your views and reactions about this topic in the comment section. ♥️






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  1. According to this, I think that i’m an ambitious person 😁 I never waste time with unhealthy competition. Most of the time, I use to fight with myself. Celebrating people is not a problem for me. I often use to congratulate people for a job well done. Like there. I wanna say Great Job because this post is pretty awesome. I can’t just think that and keep it for myself. Right ? Charity is my dayly fight. Depressive envy : avoid. And I’m a compulsive traveler 😁


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