How to Regain Respect in your Personal Relationships

Many of you may find this post rather odd, but what’s the point of living and avoiding the truth. The fact is, our love for others has led us to make several mistakes that caused them (relatives and friends) to disrespect us. We failed, in the beginning, to ‘nip in the bud’ their disrespectful behavior towards us. Now we are stuck dealing with it every other day. Believe me, there’s hope, you can claim back your respect.

Disclaimer: This is not a professional advice.

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#1 Tough love


We actually spoil our friends and loved ones without knowing, by placing them on an undeserved pedestal. Unfortunately, we make them think they are all high and mighty to the extent they start taking us for granted. In order to reclaim their respect, you need to practice tough love. Which means you must give them only what they deserve and stop making excuses for their behaviors.

#2 Cut them off


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Some people are just outright disrespectful so that the only way to get them to respect you is by reducing or totally eliminating physical and social contact with them. This method is needed in extreme cases to keep them in check so they can re-evaluate their behavior towards you.

#3 Stop bending over


Somehow we unconsciously make our friends and loved ones lose respect and appreciation for us when we oblige to their whims and caprices. You don’t have to take their verbal insults anymore, run up to meet them at short notice or apologize to them when they have clearly wronged you. So, it’s time to stop being a pushover and a doormat if you want the respect you deserve.

#4 Retract benefits


It’s ironic that most of the time those who disrespect you are totally or partially dependent on your support. For instance, they take your money, drive your car, eat your food, you pay their tuition and yet they disrespect you. Hence, discontinuing some if not all their benefits will make them reflect on their attitudes. Besides, It’s time you remind them who is boss.

#5 Dish it right back


They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

People who disrespect you are likely going to start respecting you when you disrespect them in return. Point is they begin to perceive you as tough and consider you a match. If you notice, people respect no-nonsense persons more than the laid-back nice Joe.

#6 Set boundaries


At some point, they may come to apologize as they always do. It’s your choice to accept their apologies or not. Now that is the time to set boundaries for future encounters. Know that they’ll never change, so it’s your duty to put your foot down so as to break this annoying cycle once and for all.

Thanks for reading. Please do leave your views and suggestions in the comment section. ❤️


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    • You are absolutely right! 😊

      Besides, I remember in my Psychology class the instructor put up an argument to support ‘unconditional love’ ❤️, but I was for ‘reward & punishment’. 🏆
      That argument was Epic! 😄

      Liked by 1 person

      • Alright then! grab your popcorn as I relay the argument. My professor is American and she strongly believes that children should not be punished for bad behavior, rather they should be reasoned with. As a Nigerian, I don’t believe in reasoning with children alone. Their good behavior should be encouraged with gifts and friendly gestures, while their bad behavior should be scorned. I believe if they are handled softly they cannot withstand the pressures of life.👌🏽

        Liked by 1 person

      • I get that. I don’t know how scorning of bad behavior is done in Nigeria, but here in the Philippines, corporal punishment used to be common practice to discipline children. For example, parents would use a slipper or a belt to beat the behinds of children who misbehave. I myself received such treatment as a child, and I don’t really have hard feelings for my parents for doing that to me, because I understood why it was done. Nowadays, though, I could feel the practices shifting away from any form of corporal punishment, maybe as influenced by Western theories and practices as well. But many homes still do enforce some form of punishment for bad behavior, whether by scolding, withholding privileges, etc.


      • Oh yes! It’s the same in Nigeria. For instance, a child can only get new toys when they have good grades in school. Just one toy!
        Whereas in the US a child gets 10 toys a year for nothing.


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