BODY CARE – The Most Underrated Body Lotion Brand

Body lotions are essential in achieving and maintaining beautiful and resilient skin. Contrary to popular belief, body lotions are not only for persons with dry skin or meant to be used in Winter. Rather they are ideal for all skin types, tones, and textures. Like I mentioned in my last post, some skin care brands have specially formulated body lotions for various skin care needs.

Meet the underrated brand


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Jergens remains my number one trusted brand for body lotions because they have been around for a long time and have perfected their range of products. Somehow Jergens does not receive the recognition they deserve.

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Well, after using Jergens Ultra Healing body lotion for over 3 years (including pregnancy), I feel confident recommending it for relieving dry skin, improving complexion, and preventing pregnancy belly stretch marks. I never planned on using Jergens Ultra Healing to prevent pregnancy stretch marks*, but to my surprise it worked, thanks to my hubby who helped apply it lavishly on my bump.

* I used only Jergens Ultra Healing during pregnancy because  I couldn’t stand the smell of other products.

Jergens Ultra Healing contains topical vitamins C, E & B5 which are vital for skin health because of their antioxidant properties. In order to get the maximum moisturizing effect of this product exfoliate with a full body scrub weekly. See how I make my own natural body scrub.

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10 months postpartum belly

Jergens skin firming lotion is also effective for postpartum belly firming. It was the perfect product to complete the job Jergens Ultra Healing started.

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  1. Lol I just got so excited when I saw the title of your post because my skin is sooo DRY and it seems like I can’t find the right type of lotion to just really moisturize it, so I started reading your post.. scrolled down and saw that you were talking about Jergens lotion!! I already use that lol and it’s thick and smells great but not very long lasting for me lol. I think I’m just naturally ashy hahaha! I have to put lotion on too many times a day lol but this is a great post and Jergens is really a great brand!

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