SPRING DESIRES (PART 2) – Beautiful Spring Inspired Wrap & Bodycon Dresses

Hurray! We are officially in Spring, although the weather isn’t entirely Spring-like. Anyways, instead of bothering about the weather I decided to share with you other spring outfits for those who love JumpsuitsRompersWrap & Bodycon dresses in addition to Skater dresses.

This time there are Yellows. Take a look! 🌻

— ♥ —

1. Yellow wrap dress

For those who love warm yellows, this floral dress is everything Spring. Available at Charlotte Russe

2. Romper dress

This beautiful floral layered maxi romper is very stylishAvailable at Charlotte Russe

3. Smocked dress

I love smocked dresses, and this retro tangerine ruffle-bottom is classic. Available at Charlotte Russe 

4. Asymmetrical wrap dress

 Asymmetrical dresses had a come back this season because they are flirty. Available at Charlotte Russe

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5. Bell Sleeve Romper

Sleeves are capable of transforming any outfit. The bell-shaped sleeve upgraded this floral romper. Available at Charlotte Russe 

6. Bodycon Yellow floral dress

Bodycon dresses are super feminine, making this fall-off shoulder dress irresistible. Available at Charlotte Russe

7. Floral print jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are fabulous fashion statements that are also appropriate for spring. Available at Charlotte Russe

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment on your favorite design. ❤️

Cover photo dresses: Available at Charlotte Russe


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