Mercury Retrograde & Its Mythical Chaos

Every time, I like to read my monthly horoscopes towards the end of the month just to figure out if the forecast is really true. For the first time this month I read something captivating about Mercury Retrograde and how it can affect your sense of perception especially if Mercury rules your astrological sign.


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Mercury went retrograde on March 22 and it’s supposed to return to its normal directional spin on April 15. With that being said I’m going to highlight a few of our qualities that are heightened during this phase.



#1 Twisted judgment


Mercury retrograde can dampen our ability to make a rational judgment of situations and the intentions of others.


#2 Miscommunication


You will find that you may easily misinterpret and misunderstand people’s point of views. It’s not your fault blame it on Mercury retrograde


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#3 Disorganization

coffee-cup-mug-desk.jpgDuring this phase, you may find that you are disorganized at work/home because things may not go smoothly like they did before this period.



#4 Temperament


Credit:  Lacie Slezak/Unsplash

Our tolerance level may drop drastically because of this phase. It is something we should be mindful of when dealing with others during this time.


#5 Egocentrism


Suppressed ego can resurface during mercury retrograde making us want to be the center of attention.


Since mercury retrograde only lasts for roughly a month we should use this time to pace ourselves, slow down, relax, and reflect on projects we plan on doing in the coming months.

Thank you for reading. Please leave your contributions they will be greatly appreciated. ♥️


Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash


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  1. This is fascinating. I’ve only ever tracked the moon phase, as I’ve noticed how I’m able to run faster, further, and always get a runners “high” when there is a full moon and I run outside. I haven’t narrowed down what other ways I’m affected yet. 💜

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    • Thanks for mentioning the moon. I often hear people say something happened because it was a full moon. 🌕 Unlike you I have never attached any significant connection between events/behavior and moons. 😊♥️🌺

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