300 FOLLOWERS: Let’s Celebrate & Do Some Introductions


Hello guys! You won’t believe it BEAUTYLOGÉA now has 300 followers. Yay…!🎊  I would never have imagined that this would be possible. So, I want to thank my readers, followers & the entire Blogosphere for your support and encouragements. You guys rock!

— ♥ —

Formal Introduction: Let’s get to know you

— ♠ —

I also want to use this post as a medium to create a mini forum where everyone can meet, greet & possibly get new followers. I got this idea from other bloggers & so far it really does help connect the Blogosphere. You never know, maybe someday we might have a Blogoference (physical meet up). ♥️🌺😊


Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 5.07.02 PM

So here are the rules:

  1. In the comment section give a short introduction containing your name (optional) & Website.
  2. Tell us your niche or lack thereof.
  3. Leave behind your Website URL.
  4.  No moderators! Feel free to reply to anyone’s comment.

Let make this as fun as it can get.

Emojis abuse is allowed. Lol!😀👍🏾💋💐🌹👌🏽😍❤️🔥

Let the introductions begin!🎺

So, I’ll go first! 😀

I’m IriOwen. My blog BEAUTYLOGÉA is centered around beauty, lifestyle & fashion. Please check it out ❤️🌹💋💄

Thanks guys! Please leave your comments to start the introductions. ❤️


– IriOwen




Cover Photo by Elisha Terada on Unsplash



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  1. Congrats! 🎉🎈 I’m Alison. My niche is music 🎶 and I’m learning to produce and write songs. Stevie Nicks and Amy Lee inspire me to create and connect with others. My blog where I write of my adventures in creating is I also blog at where I share about living with autism. Thanks for a chance to connect with other bloggers! I’ll check back to see what else is shared here. 💜👍🏽✌🏽🙃

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  2. Hello my name is Jay-lyn. A 45 year old woman to a son of 9. Between him and my writing I am very busy although I will be adding my work (the place I must go to make the money to let us do the things that we want) My blog is everything. It is about me, my life, my poetry, my ideas and my son and everything else in between. Here is the link to my blog

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  3. Congrats on 300 followers! 😀 ❤ I’d like to introduce myself: my name is Maggie, and I blog over at Dreaming of Guatemala! My content revolves around lifestyle, personal, and Christian posts, where I write about a variety of things. I love meeting bloggers from all niches, however! You can find my site here: If you come by my blog, I’d be happy to visit yours, as well! 🙂 ❤
    Thanks for hosting this, IriOwen!

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  4. Congratulations! I like your blog for its neatness, and the way you don’t waste time saying whatever it is you have to say. I first came across you on Tresh’s blog ( where you commented about educated Nigerian women being snobs. 😃
    I’m Dunni, and I blog at I write stories, poems, and also share my experiences as an adulting Nigerian, with the hopes of connecting with, motivating, and entertaining people.

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  5. Wow! You’re making my head swell. 🤗 I believe you’re a wonderful woman because only amazing women are confident enough to compliment others. 🤔♥️
    Thank you very much for sharing.💋🌺♥️
    I will make sure to visit your blog.


  6. Congratulations!! I’m Shandean and my blog is! It’s a little of everything like marriage, motherhood, beauty, etc., including my fiction novel that’ll be released in August! I do like your blog, it’s very relatable! ☺

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  7. Congratulations for 300, by the time i am writing this you already got more than 300.
    Hi i am Bhautik from Quotes Daily.
    I like writing motivational quotes. Sometimes i also write short poetry and stories too. Check out my blog here.

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