5 Reasons Why Tracing Your Ancestry is Super Exciting

According to Anthropology human beings are evolving continuously. There is a belief that certain extinct species of humans known as Neanderthals once existed & are partly the ancestors of some Homo Sapiens. Today, humans are undergoing evolution in subtler ways as a result of migration & marriage. That’s why more and more people seek the services of genealogists to uncover their roots and lineage.




Genealogists are able to detect ancestry by collecting DNA samples & matching them with those of people/families around the world. Recently, home DNA test kits were created so people can easily send samples of their DNA in the form of saliva to testing agents. 

People around the world continue to check their ancestry for the following reasons.


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#1 Fun

You have noticed that some YouTubers check their ancestry just for the fun of knowing their connection to different parts of the world.



#2 Trace Loved Ones

It is entirely possible to trace and find long-lost members of your family by seeking the help of a genealogist.


#3 Family Origin

Individuals have also been able to uncover the origin of their family and reconnect with members of their extended family.


#4 Country of Origin

Often times people who are in doubt about their country of origin find that checking their ancestry links them to a nationality.


#5 Identify Kinship

Some persons check their ancestry to identify members of their kinship and are usually surprised to find that they are related to people they least expected. 




Over the years, there have been bans and restrictions on DNA services. For instance, France placed a permanent ban on DNA testing, while the United States FDA recently lifted their ban on DNA test kits, which goes to show that not everyone supports ancestry DNA testing. There are available resources online such as Family Search and professional services like that are ready to help interested parties get started with their own inquiries.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this piece of information. Please leave your suggestions & reactions in the comment section. ❤️


Cover Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash



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  1. Ive always wanted to. I just have to emotionally prepare myself for a connection to my past… its scary!!! Note: Im a certified scaredy cat.

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  2. A great informative post (as always) one problem in certain parts of Yorkshire is that everyone has the same DNA lol. Seriously though I’m supposed to be descended from the Vikings so that would be cool. Thanks for sharing 😀

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