MYTH DEBUNKED: Palm Oil & Heart Health

Happy Easter! I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter Sunday? Oh! How much I miss those delicious dishes my mom made during Easter. She always made Egusi and pounded yam, I especially loved that smell of organic Palm oil she used in preparing it. Yum! 

Talking of Palm Oil, in my last post Surprisingly Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast No One is Telling you, I mentioned at the end of the article that there is a myth about Palm Oil being unhealthy for the heart that’s why I limit its usage in preparing my traditional foods. How true is this myth? You are about to find out.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 4.04.04 PM

Credit: Guardian Nigeria

Over the years researchers have claimed that because saturated fats are solid at room temperature then oils like Palm Oil can cause plaques in arteries. This assumption has been debunked by recent research because only Trans Fats (aka processed – hydrogenated fats & oils) have the ability to clog arteries. Besides processed carbs, sugar, protein, and fats are all bad for our health that’s why we must consume foods in their whole state. Also, there have been additional claims that Palm Oil can actually reduce the risk of heart disease.

The fact remains that with regular exercise, whole plant foods & high fiber rich foods, many cultures like the Benin tribe and the famous matriarch Mosuo tribe have been able to consume saturated oil foods like Palm Oil or Lard respectively and yet were able to live long healthy lives.

So, let’s focus on limiting the consumption of processed fats, carbs, sugars and protein and see how our health will greatly improve. See reference at the end of this post for more information on Palm Oil & its benefits.

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