VOTE: Is it ok for Married People to be Best Friends with Singles/Divorcees of the Opposite Sex?


Lately, we have seen a change in norms where women can be best friends with men (vice-versa) and hang out with them in public. Somehow this practice is putting a lot of strain on marriages, in the sense that couples fight over trust issues regarding their partner’s friendship, and their frequent hangouts with a single or divorced friends of the opposite sex.

I took the liberty to set up a poll so you guys can vote on whether it is an acceptable practice or not.


Remember: Click ‘View Results‘ under the vote button to see polls count.

Thanks for voting! Please leave your contributions regarding this issue in the comment section. ❤️

Reference: Marriagebuilders


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  1. I have 3 best boyfriends that I have known for years before I met my husband. They are now mutual friends of both of ours and seperately we may spend time with them. I’m not sure a new male friend would go over so smoothly. But it hasn’t come up yet.

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  2. I feel as though if you know your significant and trust them then there should not be an issue. Once you get to a certain age like in your 30s that “you can’t have friends the opposite sex” thing is kind of childish and high school behavior. We’re in a world where you will always have to interact with the opposite sex whether it be at work, at college,or just in the store. You can’t avoid it. The only time it should be an issue is when your significant other is spending an unusual amount of time with their opposite sex bestfriend. But if you trust your love, and you know that they respect you and wouldn’t cheat on you. Then there’s nothing to worry about. If you suspect anything then talk to them about it and get an understanding

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  3. I think it is okay especially if you shared a deep friendship, platonic friendship, for years and years or have much in common, but it bothers your significant other, then maybe you have a heart-to-heart with them and show them they have no fears about your relationship with another member of the opposite sex. It’s all about how you broach the subject – if you make the relationship sound too secretive, then there are bound to be hurt feelings or jealousy.

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  4. I’m someone who values friendship first and so it would be hypocritical of me to say that he can’t have friends who are female as I know that he’s ok that I have friends who are male. However we know where to draw the line, same gender and opposite gender besties are acceptable as long as they are perfectly happy to stay as just friends. Trust that your partner and your friends respect you and your relationships, if they don’t… They aren’t worth your time.

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    • Great point! So well put. I wish everyone thought like you we won’t have broken relationships. You see you can’t read anyone’s mind or know their moral stance. At the end of the day it’s better to prevent than cure a malady. So, besties of the opposite sex are off the radar for me.😊

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  5. When I was married this issue brought lots of pain to me. When I was divorced from my first marriage I didn’t care about it at all. Now when I am widowed, I feel strongly against “too friendly” relationships between married & single people. Such “over friendship” is the cause of both mental and physical pain. There should be healthy boundaries in relationships. Thanks Life, I have learnt this lesson.

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    • That’s true! I never thought of that side of the argument. Well, if majority of infidelity is attributed to opposite sex friendships, I have no choice but to evaluate such associations. In fact, research has proved it over and over again, and I have seen marriages end in the hands of such friends time and time again. Even marriage counselors warn of its dangers. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but I ended opposite sex friendships after repeatedly warning them against inappropriate language.
      Just know a meeting with such friends when you’re not in good terms with your spouse and alcohol always ends up bad.
      ‘We didn’t expect anything to happen’ is always the ticket to divorce. Prevention is better than cure. 😊♥️🌺

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