6 Natural Foods that can Reduce Bad Breath

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is vital to boosting confidence and sustaining relationships, that’s why it’s important to have a fresh breath whenever we are in public. This might sound vain but it is the truth. So in addition to an effective oral cleaning routine, we should incorporate certain foods that have the ability to mask or eradicate mouth odor (halitosis).


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Believe me, I’ve carried out my very own breath odor experiments (at home) using common foods and kitchen spices, and surprisingly some gave me really good results. So, here are my recommendations.



#1 Yogurt

Yogurt is a good probiotic which not only maintains and stabilizes intestinal floral, but it reduces mouth odor over time.


#2 Honey

The antibacterial property of honey makes it an excellent breath freshener.


#3 Lemon

The rind of lemon contains an essence that can mask mouth odor. Whereas the acidity of lemon juice reduces the growth of bacteria that causes bad breath.


#4 Water

Drinking the recommended amounts of water daily (8 glasses) is crucial in reducing the incidence of halitosis.


#5 Green tea

Drinking green tea regularly can keep mouth odor-causing bacteria at bay.


#6 Cinnamon

Cinnamon has the ability to mask bad breath with its sweet smell.



Keeping a fresh breath shouldn’t be a lot of work, neither are my recommendations. I hope you find them helpful.

Thanks for reading and please do not forget to leave your suggestions in the comment section. ❤️


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    • I need to drink more water too, it’s something you practice one time and the next day you forget. 😊
      Yeah! Green tea is very good that’s why I mention it in virtually all my post.😀

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