Education is the Absolute Cure for Poverty

Education is the table on which the rich dine with the poor.

– Juliet Urevbu



Education is the process of learning about new things and understanding existing knowledge, it could be formal or informal. Formal education involves an institutionalized form of learning, which involves schools and religious organizations. Whereas informal education isn’t confined to the four walls of a classroom, it could take the form of apprenticeship (marketable skill training), reading an inspirational/educational text, traveling and group memberships (sports, NGOs & social clubs).

You may agree with me that people from poor backgrounds who become educated are known to live better lives than their parents and grandparents. That is due to the fact that they are able to constructively apply their new knowledge in alleviating and sometimes completely eliminating generational long poverty. No wonder communities who wholeheartedly embraced education have the lowest poverty rate.

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The positive benefits of education cannot be overemphasized, especially in regards to improving the quality of life, that’s why I advise people to get some college education mainly a two-year diploma. Anything beyond that is career specific. I recommend two years of college education owing to the fact that majority of the classes offered in two year colleges are mind-developing, for instance, courses like Introduction to Music, Psychology, Anthropology, Nutrition, English (grammar, speech & composition) have the ability to improve a person’s social skills, understand cultures/human behavior & enhance confidence.

In fact, with the rise of social media more people from humble beginnings stand a chance at being able to break social barriers and climb up the social ladder (class). If people like Marilyn Monroe & Barack Obama did it long before social media, anyone can. So, I admonish parents, religious organizations, NGO’s to take a stand and ensure that children and youths get a proper education for the improvement of communities and the society.

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  1. Yay, I love this ❤️ Not because I am a Carpentry teacher and apprentice assessor (I still think of myself as a Carpenter😀) but you echo my thoughts on education generally, much more eloquently than I could. A great motivational and inspiring post 😀

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    • Wow! I never knew you were a Carpentry teacher. 😎
      We need more skilled people like you to educate the younger generation. Apprenticeship is the past, present and future of science & technology.

      Liked by 1 person

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