Matcha (Green tea) Review: Benefits & Uses

It’s been a year since I discovered Matcha tea at my local Whole Foods Market. Matcha changed the game of green tea for me altogether, by providing a formula which is ideal for baking, smoothies, lattes and DIY skincare.



Due to the fact that Matcha powder is made from finely blended high quality and carefully selected green tea leaves, that’s why it’s a healthier alternative. Its green pigmentation results from chlorophyll which is known to help plants convert sunlight energy into food (starch). This green pigment is also a source of antioxidants and phytonutrients which is beneficial to our health. According to recent studies prolong consumption of green tea was reported to burn fat and reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes due to the presence of a photochemical known as  Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).


My Favorite Matcha Tea Brands

 #1 Celestial Seasonings Sencha & Matcha




Tea bag

 The Celestial Seasonings Matcha green tea gives you the best of both worlds as it is a blend of traditional Sencha green tea and Matcha powder which gives the tea a grassy/fresh bittersweet taste with a vibrant light green color that regular green teas don’t have. This product comes in a bag to maintain freshness.


Light green color


#2 Jade leaf Organic Japanese Matcha



Matcha Loose powder

Whereas the Jade leaf Organic Japanese Matcha tea has a natural fresh kale-like taste (green vegetable) which is kind of sweet with a dark-green hue. Unlike the Celestial Seasonings tea, this product comes as a fine loose powder which gives it endless DIY food and skincare possibilities.


Distinct dark-green color

🌟 Star rating: ★★★★★


I gave both products a 5-star rating because of their unique taste, flavor, preparation, and use. If you’re looking to try green tea for the first time, you can never go wrong with any of them.

Thanks for reading. Please share your experience (or lack thereof) using Matcha tea. 


Reference: NCBI


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