Do True Prophets Exist?


It took me a lot of courage to write this post because some people would call me a liar, and try to discredit me. Anyways this year, I have chosen to be fearless and speak the truth, no matter the cost. So help me God!

Yesterday, I was reading an interesting post by a fellow blogger Ben Aqiba titled ‘Daily Horoscopes’. As always I found the comments even more interesting, because people shared their views about how prophets/psychics have the ability to manipulate people to accept false prophecies which then manifests in their lives. This might be true, but some prophets are an exception.

In 2007, my mom was cured of Asthma by a healer she met in my home country. As at today, she has not used an inhaler or had any medications other than Tylenol for regular aches. In fact, her doctor was surprised. I never believed in prophets till I met Prophet Godfrey Daodu, in my presence he saved lives and healed the sick in the name of Jesus. One time a lady diagnosed with AIDS (full blown) got healed and doctors checked her viral load and saw nothing. Guys, I knew the woman! she was seriously bony and sickly that someone had to support her and hold her hands so she doesn’t fall when she walks, but today she is robust and healthy.


It’s amazing how a prophet like him doesn’t gain recognition. I believe it’s because of his humility. He gave my mom and many others around the world a chance for a better life, so I thought it’s time others who are sick and in need of God’s healing should know that there are still true prophets around the world who are not famous, yet God is genuinely using them to perform his signs and wonders. 

Happy Sunday! ♥️


Disclaimer: I am by no means promoting this healer for personal gain. I want people to know genuine prophets exists.

Thank you for reading my weird (but true) post. Please feel free to leave your reactions in the comment section below. 🌺


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  1. The gifts of God never run out. Personally, I think that God has prophets and lesser positions with gifts who He keeps unpopular. All it would take is for an unfaithful person to not be healed to start slandering the prophet as a false prophet. Those who God sends are faithful, believing in a miracle.

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    • Omg! Your statement is so true. I remember the prophet used to say that healing depends on the persons faith. 😊
      Aww! Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it.


  2. The problem with this “healers” is that some people refuse to visit hospitals or doctors. It´s maybe one out of a million who have the luck to be cured in some way. I do not think it´s any healer who do that. Some people say it god who does it, but why not hel everybody? You must think that the human is a self-destructive animal, we make war, murder each other for greed. The animals in the nature hunt for survival, and they do not kill more then they need.

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    • Yes I understand your argument. I remember reading somewhere in a Hindu text that healing occurs out of a persons free will, the person has to seek it with all their heart. Remember Jesus Christ healed people who were amongst other invalids because they had enough faith.

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  3. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 I have little experience of the supernatural (in spite of my Wiccan leanings) but have heard far too many honest testimonies like this to dismiss it. There are more things in Heaven and Earth …

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    • Yes dear! I won’t say if I wasn’t a witness. I got my reputation on the line here. I remember taking a couple deep breaths and ignoring my anxiety caused stomach pain to posted this. 🤔

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