9 Lessons I Learned from Beyoncé & the Knowles Family


Beyoncé Knowles is a household name, yet some people do not know how she became famous or who helped her rise to stardom. If you enjoyed my last post on the 7 Lessons I Learned from the Kardashian Clan you will definitely find today’s topic interesting, where I will be talking about the qualities I admire in Beyoncé and her family.



#1 Catch Them Young


Matthew Knowles started managing Beyoncé since was a little girl. It’s obvious that he saw potential in his daughter and made sure her talent did not go to waste. There are a lot of kids who are possibly more talented than Beyoncé but they don’t have a father like Matthew Knowles to encourage them.


#2 Hard Work Pays

Everyone knows that Beyoncé is one of the most hardworking musicians out there. One of Beyoncé’s longtime supporting dancer mentioned that before a show she would set up a rehearsal camp where they would rehearse for days and nights. She also admitted that Beyoncé is a perfectionist, so I believe that explains why she works her hardest to get everything right.


#3 Business Minded

Beyoncé is not only a musician, she is also a successful businesswoman. In 2016 she collaborated with Topshop to launch a glam activewear label called Ivy Park. Like her famous husband Shawn Corey Carter aka JAY-Z, she might likely have investments worth millions of dollars.

#4 DIY


Everyone knows it’s savvy to do things yourself. Beyoncé’s mom Tina Lawson is the founder of House of Deréon, and she also runs a hair salon in Houston. Recently, Beyoncé mentioned that her mom personally made some of the costumes/hairstyles for her music videos. Can you beat that?


#5 Wisdom

The women in the Knowles family are shrewd, that’s why they have succeeded in remaining in the limelight for so long. Is one thing to have talent, but without wisdom, you are bound to fail. Beyoncé’s mom seems to be the brain of the family, her years and experience have made her a valuable person to Beyoncé. I don’t know what Beyoncé will do without her mother.


#6 Education at Home

 Although I’m not a fan of fully schooling your kids at home, I support partially educating children/teenagers within and outside their school curriculum. It’s possible that Beyoncé success is linked to homeschooling. I believe her parents did it so they can manage her music training. Parents ought to follow up with their children’s education at home if they expect them to be successful.


#7 Dreams Come True



Beyoncé once mentioned that her parents lost their home and faced hardship during the years following her father’s job loss. This inspired her father to focus all his energy on her talent. She said he wasn’t afraid to spend his last dime on sponsoring her talent, because he knew someday Beyoncé will be famous.


#8 Secrecy

Scandal is the food of the press, so far Beyoncé has done her best to maintain a spotless record. People have skeletons in their cupboards, but not everyone is skilled at keeping them secret, that’s why I admire Beyoncé’s talent for secrecy and damage control.


#9 Sister Love


Solange and Beyoncé are like two peas in a pod, they are totally inseparable. These women love and support each other to the best of their abilities. If you remember the incident in ‘The Elevator’ you will realize that their love also involves fighting each other’s battles. 


Well, I hope you were inspired by today’s post, please feel free to leave your comments. Thank you for reading! 💋






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  1. That’s a lovely inspirational tale, I like your point that she has stayed in the limelight for so long in a positive way, may her and her family continue to do so. Such a great role model for people of all ages and nicely put together by your good self 😀😀

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