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Hi, Lovelies! I'm Iriowen. A mom, wife and an aspiring registered nurse. My passion for nature, beauty, arts, and culture led me to create Beautylogéa. Please sit back, relax, and read my take on fashion trends, beauty secrets, culture and better ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. Come join me to explore the world.

The Famous Igun Street: Benin Bronze Casters

A long time ago in the ancient Benin kingdom, a skill classification system existed whereby different families and their kinsmen had a craft specialty, a group of bronze casters choose to set a base in a street in Benin called ‘ Igun Eronmwon’ meaning ‘the home of bronze art’ from whence the name ‘Igun’ originated.  Continue reading “The Famous Igun Street: Benin Bronze Casters”

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