DIY – How To Make Your Signature Exfoliating Body Scrub

Exfoliation is an important part of skincare because it is a process that effectively removes dead skin cells, in order to reveal new and vibrant skin. Body scrubs are a safe choice for exfoliating your whole body due to their coarse texture and moisturizing ingredients. Continue reading “DIY – How To Make Your Signature Exfoliating Body Scrub”


Surprisingly Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast – No One Is Telling You

Have you ever wondered why some people will never add weight despite how much food they eat? I happen to fall into that category because I am always a size 4. There are speculations about why I can’t add weight. Some say it’s because of my genetic makeup, fast metabolism, others smirk and say I lie about eating at all or I throw up after eating*. It is acceptable for skinny people to be bullied in the society today, so people make fun of me.

*I had nausea during pregnancy which made me puke a lot and it is gross

It baffles me that they never asked me how I manage to remain a size 4, they would rather pay to know the secret than ask skinny people. It’s crazy! Others will listen to people who recently lost weight, without considering that they may have achieved their weight loss by cheating**. I do not wish to offend anyone but drastic weight loss can cause saggy skin, so it’s something you must consider before embarking on. I advise adding skin toning workouts into your exercise routine and invest in skin firming lotions while dieting.

** Surgery

Recently I noticed that the French, Chinese, Italians and Nigerians have decent weight across their population despite eating bread, rice, pasta or yams daily. After doing my research on why people in these nationalities have and are able to maintain a healthy weight, I realized that I was eating the right way all along. Then I understood why I am unable to add weight.

Have you ever considered why you can’t lose weight? What diet mistakes do you make that negates your weight loss regimen? I hope you can learn from my diet choices.

Note: They may not work with your lifestyle.

Here they are:

1. Never snack on processed foods

People who know me will testify that I always skip the chips, candy, cookie and soda aisle. I consider them treats not food because growing up my parents couldn’t afford to spend their spare change on any of these. They spent their money on whole foods that we didn’t grow like tomatoes, yams, and fish which they considered filling. While we snacked on roasted nuts, grains and fruits like oranges, cashew apple, papaya, avocado, pineapple, and sugar cane from our garden. We only had these treats once in a while and today I do the same.

2. Tea girl

My spouse can testify that every morning, I make two cups of green tea mixed with lemon and sometimes honey. I usually use a tea bag to make two large cups and refrigerate it, so during study or blogging time I drink it for refreshment. While before bedtime I drink two cups of sleepytime tea to relax me. Don’t get me wrong I sometimes indulge in Café Mocha and hot chocolate.

3. Whole plant foods

I am not vegan, but I use plant foods mainly vegetables and tubers to make my favorite dishes from scratch. I try my best to avoid processed foods because it changes the natural state of the food and that can confuse my system. I add animal products sparely to my dishes to enhance the flavor.

4. Fruit bowl

Smoothies are not my thing anymore since I had my baby because he doesn’t like the sound of the blender. As always I still buy a large bowl of prep assorted fruits and eat it whenever I want.

4. Cooking firm carbs

Recent studies show that carbs cooked to be firm have a lower glycemic index than overcooked carbs. So that’s why I cook my rice firm and pasta ‘al dente’ like an Italian.

5. Yogurt

Greek yogurt mixed with crush nuts and sweetened with honey trumps ice cream for me any day. While my favorite vanilla ice cream lays in the freezer portion of my fridge waiting for my movie night to get a couple scoops.

6. Cooking oils

Olive oil is my choice for cooking inter-continental dishes because it contains polyunsaturated fat which is good for maintaining a healthy heart. While I use palm oil sparingly to add flavor to my traditional dishes. Palm oil is a notorious unhealthy oil but I limit it’s usage to the barest minimum.

Photo credit: Timothy Lamm on Unsplash


It’s my birthday! 🎊 And I’m super excited about it. So, to spice things up I’m going to be sharing an evergreen beauty secret I learned exactly 6 years ago.